Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Dedication to the values of “Quality, Technology, Innovation, and Customer Service” has enabled Gordon to become a leader in the sheet metal replacement part industry.Focusing on rapidly changing technology and the application of innovative manufacturing techniques, Gordon is both quality and customer service oriented. Our goals are to provide value-added product to our customers, meet the needs of all those in the channel of distribution, and maintain a leadership role in our growing industry.


All aspects of bringing the product to market, from mold building to packaging, are critical to the success of Gordon’s collision replacement parts. Therefore, we are strict in every process of manufacturing. Discussion and review meetings are conducted throughout the mold development process. These discussions cover every stage of the mold building and testing process in order to control design quality and evaluate progress & quality compliance during development. Before mass production begins, sample lots are run and inspected for fit and appearance to insure that all subsequent products will be of high quality. Only when the sample production parts have been inspected and meet all quality requirements is production on a large scale begun. To monitor the consistency of product quality over time, we send sample products to a lab to evaluate long-term control. The tests done on sample parts for initial acceptance and on going evaluation include tensile strength test, appearance check, Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis, weld, nut, and bracket strength tests.

Gordon devotes as much attention to product safety as it does to product quality, from the initial development stages of the certified tooling validated by the Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) to the in-process and warehouse inspections. Precise measurements are taken to insure that the placement of the hood latch is in the proper location, compared to the OEM master, and to assure secure fastening. To insure the integrity of the hood latch connection, we match the OE method of attachment, whether carbon dioxide welding or riveting.

Gordon is committed to continuous improvement based on our customer’s needs.

We use the most technology-intensive equipment in the automated manufacturing process to assure consistent quality and long-term product life. Our computer-integrated manufacturing facilities insure that our processes are always in control and that we are continuously improving our products.


Gordon has established a niche in producing high-end products as a result of our experienced technicians, and commitment to in-house R&D.

Today Gordon is the one of the few collision replacement part companies staffed with a dedicated reverse-engineering team focused on product design and development. In our quest for continuous improvement, we have introduced high-tech, automotive equipment in order to upgrade our capacity and capability. Gordon has introduced state of the art software and hardware allowing us to develop an on-line Quality Control System, which facilitates faster, more precise product development.


Gordon Auto Body Parts Company is recognized as a pioneer in the collision replacement part industry. Our company stands out as an innovator and early adopter of increasingly strict standards. We were the first manufacturer in Taiwan accredited by CAPA in the later 1980s and today make more CAPA certified parts for the US market than any of our competitors. We took a significant step towards expanding into the European market in 2004。

Becoming the first Taiwan manufacturer accredited by the UK’s Thatcham Parts Accreditation Program.

In keeping with our goal of being an early adopter, Gordon Auto Body Parts was the first manufacturer to implement the new common Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) technique to upgrade product accuracy; the first to purchase high-strength galvanized steel from China Steel; and the first to develop and utilize checking fixtures with an enhanced striker checking mechanism.

04Customer Service

Gordon’s achievement comes from our customers’ satisfaction.

As a result, we always try our best to meet and further exceed our customers’ needs. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to quick and effective responses. We believe that your comments and feedback help us improve our products and services. Therefore, in addition to existing communication channels, such as e-mail and telephone, we established an international toll free fax line in 1999 to enhance communication between Gordon and those using our parts.

As a market leader, Gordon’s goal is to provide value-added services to our customers, In addition to our recognized strengths in product development and superior manufacturing, we have established strategic alliances with outsourcing partners and help transfer the certification know-how into their system to broaden the Gordon-branded certified product line we can supply our customers. As a result, we can consolidate orders, in response to the growing market demand for “One stop Shopping.” Gordon’s commitment to quality manufacturing, packaging and shipping procedures results in the delivery of superior products and services to our customers.